Wart Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

Warts are bumps seen accidentally on hands, feet or face.warts are benign lesion that occur as raised bumps or flat lesions on skin. They can occur at any site. Warts can be transmitted by direct or indirect contact

They can occur at any age.

Warts usually are symptomless.. The cause cosmetic disfigurement and rarely cause localized pain .Warts are even fond of passing the passer game as it scatters from one person to the other swiftly.


Human Papillomavirus (“HPV”) is the infection that leads to the development of warts in the body of the person. If you have a cut or a scratch on your skin, the virus gets an effortless way to enter. over 150 types of HPV are present.

Some high-risk HPV subtypes are associated with malignancies. Around 10 percent of the population are commonly affected by warts. More commonly they are seen among immunocompromised individuals and meat handlers.these are like touch me not, if you touch them you will get one.

Types and Symptoms

The classification of Wart depends upon the appearance and presence on the body part.

Verruca Vulgaris or Common Warts: Usually, these shoot up on your hands and legs, but all other places are also unrestricted. These are normally rough , circular and raised than the surrounding skin.
Flat warts: As the name suggests, it is flat from the top, as if they’ve been discarded. It’s hard to notice these minuscule bumps. The shades of it include pink, brownish, or moderately yellow. Not limited to but generally, beards are the target point in males. Children get these miniatures commonly on their faces.
Filiform warts: These flesh-colored bumps with finger-like projections commonly seen around your mouth, nose, on your neck, or below your chin. In appearance, the glimpse is like the long threads or thin fingers.
Palmar Warts or Plantar Warts: Unlike other warts, these warts are rooted in the skin or are flat. In normal, these are found in the soles or on palms. they can be sometimes painful because of compression or friction
Genital warts: Sometimes, pleasure may lead to unexpected pain. Sexual contact with someone who already has them, can result in warts on genital areas.

Wart Removal Treatment

Stay Cautious! If you are the one with a weak immune system or diabetes then stay away from any home remedy or self-treatment. Early consultation and early to recognize makes the treatment fast, prompt, and quick.

How do we confirm is it wart or not ?
The diagnosis of a wart is usually made on a clinical examination and physical findings. Laboratory Studies like Biopsy or Pcr can also be done for confirmation .But usually the confirmation of warts is made on the basis of clinical findings.

After confirming the diagnosis ,treatment of warts depend on number of warts, type of wart, patient preferences . Even though they are many treatments available for warts ,recurrences are common with each of them. Most of the times warts disappear spontaneously


Medical: In most cases topical agents like salicylic acid, retinoic acid, imiquimod or podophyllin are used for treatment.oral immunomodulators are prescribed in cases of recalcitrant warts.

Radiofrequency or electrocautery
Intralesional wart therapy

Irrespective of the treatment selected ,recurrences are common. Most warts resolve spontaneously. To obtain the best outcomes, the management of warts should be under a physician.

Measures to prevent transmission

  • Avoid nail-biting,
  • Wear proper shoe wear at the swimming pool .
  • Wear gloves when working with meat products.
  • Avoid direct contact with warts.
  • Don’t pick at warts.
  • And avoid brushing or shaving areas that have warts.

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