Hair Restoration Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair camouflage is a technique used to cover the scalp with hair prosthesis or camouflaging agents.camouflaging agents cause a illusion of thicker hair on scalp 

What are the methods available in nonsurgical hair camouflage?

  • Hair prosthesis (wigs, hairpieces, and extensions)
  • Hair camouflaging agents (hair fibers, powder cakes, lotions, sprays, hair crayons, and scalp tattooing).

Hair camouflaging agents

Topical hair fibers: These are wool keratin fibres that cling on the scalp and make hair look thicker and fuller for a certain time. 

Powder cakes: Powder cakes are sold as a circular disk of camouflaging product and coat scalp and vellus like hairs to give an illusion of thicker hair

Camouflaging lotions: Camouflaging lotions function as scalp paint

Camouflaging sprays: The sprays help to cover balding areas to thicken hair.

Scalp tattooing: Scalp tattooing is a more permanent option to camouflage hair loss. Small dots, resembling hair follicles are tattooed on the scalp.

Hair prosthesis

Wigs: Wigs can be natural or synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs: The fibers of a synthetic wig may be either machine-sewn or hand-sewn into the wig cap.

  • Less expensive
  • Less susceptible to fading in light
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lighter in weight

Human hair wigs

  • Expensive
  • Gives natural look
  • More maintenance
  • Easy can be styled or coloured

Custom-made wigs:  Custom-made wigs may be purchased to ensure a precise fit. Custom plaster mold is made from an individual’s scalp and then manufactured with either a silicone or polyurethane vacuum base wigs. It is made In order to achieve a good fit and maintain a good seal.

Wig care: Wigs are washed every alternate week. The length of time that a wig will last depends on the quality of wig and level of care

Scalp covering for patchy hair loss

Hairpieces: Hair-pieces are used for localized areas of hair loss and are attached to hair via clip, falls, wefts, tape, or glue. 

Hair extensions: Hair extensions are strands or collections of synthetic or human hair products that are glued, braided, twisted, sewn, clipped, or fused onto existing hair. Scalp camouflaging agents and hair prostheses provide a cosmetically effective means for individuals with hair loss to improve their physical appearance and quality of life.