Dermal Fillers Treatment in Hyderabad

There are many surgical and non-surgical ideas that can repair your skin immediately and provide you the aesthetic appearance. Dermal filler is just one of them which works in the repairing skin texture ,hydration and enhancement facial contour.

As we age, our skin starts losing its original charm and its elasticity which ultimately results in laxity, and dullness. Dermal fillers are nothing, but artificial ways to replace volume lost due to aging and provide you with natural looks.

Who does need Dermal Fillers?

The ambient appearance not only grabs attraction but also boosts your confidence when you are in public. Dermal fillers are indicated in:

  • Depressed scars
  • Wrinkles and folds
  • Lip augmentation
  • Enhancement of facial contour
  • Neck and hand rejuvenation
  • Sunken eyes

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are so instant and show immediate effects that you can boost your last-minute look. However, there are various types of dermal fillers and each of them works differently on vivid skin tones.

Reduce aging effects: Wrinkles and loose skin depict the aging effects more. Dermal fillers help people to expel those wrinkles and smooth nasolabial folds. Additionally, it removes the marks of scars and boosts your collagen. Ultimately, it controls the signs of aging by softening the skin.

Rapid results: The procedure of dermal filling has neither downtime nor recovery time is required. It takes as little as 10 minutes and shows instant and visible results. Therefore, you can get your procedure accomplished even during the lunch breaks. Hence, you don’t need any holiday to wait for your treatment.

Aesthetic look: Dermal filling provides the perfect shape to the face and adds volume to the cheek, chin, jawline, nose, and lips. It also restores fullness and smoothens vertical lines and adds fineness to mouth corners. Resultantly, you can grab the look you want.

vitamin c and hyaluronic boosters are used and delivered through electroporation and ultrasound techniques.


  • Keloid
  • Atopy
  • Infection
  • Medical history
  • Hypersensitivity

Dermal fillers treatment

Cosmetic enhancement has no end! There is always a scope for the addition of more and more beauty varying from person to person. Surprisingly, dermal fillers are the most- effective non-surgical idea to improve skin. Indeed, following the protocols is extremely important for the desired outcomes.

Why Us?

Dr. Sindhuri Reddy is one of the most disciplined dermatologists in the area who provides online as well as offline consultancy for dermal fillers. Also, you can appoint a visit with her at Eternoderm and identify the way out for any skin disease. Having experience of more than 10 years, she serves her patients with the most integrated approach along with innovative solutions as per the requisitions of patients.