Vitiligo Treatment in Hyderabad

Noticed a white patch on hand on one fine day , which is gradually progressing ? Wondering what it is and what caused it ? The reason behind it may be ‘Vitiligo.’ Vitiligo is nothing more than differently coloured or white patches on the skin.

Vitiligo doesn’t discriminate among skin type, colour, race, and gender. It may happen to any irrespective of age and in most cases, it remains throughout. It may affect any area of the body, but it’s mostly seen on hands, lips ,legs and around eyes.

Symptoms and Causes

Vitiligo is not a life-threatening medical condition. Vitiligo presents as white patches on skin.Sometimes, it expands its area and covers a larger one while other times, it may stop expanding.

Most of the people complain of skin colour change without any other problem, while some research reveals that few of them complain of itching or little redness at initial stages.

The death of Melanocytes cells, known for providing skin colour , causes Vitiligo. Surprisingly, the reasons behind any acting agent for the death of such cells are not discovered yet by science.

The risk of having vitiligo increases if someone has a family history. Other than this, an autoimmune condition or trigger events like stress, skin trauma, thyroid problems, and contact with harmful chemicals may cause vitiligo.

Types of Vitiligo

Broadly, Vitiligo is divided into two parts – segmental and non-segmental vitiligo. Out of both, segmental attacks the particular segment of the body and occurs to hardly 10% people while the latter is common.

The classification of this condition has various subtypes too depending upon its coverage and affecting areas. The subtypes of this condition are:
Universal: A condition in which discoloration affects the almost entire body or major skin surface of the body.
Localized: As the name suggests, it is limited to one or a few areas where one or two spots or white patches appear. It is also recognised as Focal Vitiligo.
Acro-facial: In this type, the face and hands are affected.
Generalized: It affects many parts of the body in a scattered way . White patches can increase in size and become noticeable by covering vaster areas.

Vitiligo Treatment

Even in modern medicine times there is no ideal treatment for vitiligo as the exact cause is still unknown. Treatment for vitiligo depends on

  • Size of the white patches .
  • Extent of the white patches
  • Area of the white patches
  • Duration of the white patches

The aim of treatment of white patches is to stop the spread of white patch and Repigment the patch . Medical ,surgical and light treatments are advised depending on size, site, extent and duration of the white patch .

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